3 Reasons Why Braces Are Superior to Aligners and Internet Braces

Normal metal braces, aligners and so called “internet braces” are all choices you may consider to improve your smile. Individuals seeking to lower the overall cost of braces may opt for one of the online mail order products for comfort, convenience and cost-savings.  Unfortunately, aligners and internet braces will never compare to the quality and reliability of traditional metal braces applied and adjusted by an orthodontist. Here’s why:

1. You need a trained orthodontist to manage your care.

Orthodontists are doctors who have specialized training above and beyond that of dental school graduates. Furthermore, if you choose internet braces who will oversee your treatment? It is critical to have a doctor with training and experience informing your diagnosis and treatment plan. Aligners and “kits” are created based on a computer projection of how the teeth may move. These projections and factory made solutions can’t compare to the hands-on expertise of a doctor guiding the movement of your teeth. There is simply no substitute for the doctor’s experience and training.

2. You need the right tools to complete your care.

Traditional dental braces are more effective than aligners because they are applied directly to the teeth. Aligners are trays that slide over your teeth. Because aligners are removable by the patient, it’s easy to understand how aligners will not likely have the same power to move teeth as attached braces will have. Invisalign, in Dr. Piper’s experience, may do some minor movement like fix a little crowding or close up minor spaces. But why pay $5000-6000 for the national brand when “a partial treatment” from an orthodontist would be just as effective for far less money?   

3. You need time to allow the braces to do their job.

In orthodontics, there are no quick fixes. Jaws and teeth don’t get in a poor relationship overnight; therefore, a quick fix will not give you a lifetime result. Dr. Piper has had many cases of patients unhappy with overnight sensations who then come for corrective treatment. In those cases, patients paid twice for treatment that he could have done correctly the first time.

Dr. Piper encourages his patients to remember that a healthy smile takes a doctor, tools and time. It may be tempting to pursue a cheaper online option, but you get what you pay for.  You will never regret the investment you make in improving your smile the right way the first time.