A Day in the Life of Braces at School

The school supplies are purchased, the backpacks are packed, and the new outfit is laid out and ready to wear, but is your student prepared to care for their new braces? When kids get braces over the summer starting back to school can be a bit bumpy as they juggle the changes of a new school year and new braces. Here is a day in the life of a student with braces. Use this to help your child prepare as they head back to class.

Before School

Lucky for braces wearers, breakfast offers a wide variety of braces-friendly food choices. Don’t skimp on breakfast. Even if you need to prepare something the night before, start the day with a solid meal so you won’t get hungry too early and feel tempted to snack or chew on things that could hurt your braces.

Plan enough time before you leave to manage your hygiene regime before heading for the bus stop. A dirty mouth is never a good way to make a first impression. Also, don’t forget your braces emergency kit which can include supplies such as floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, rubber bands, wax and a small mirror.

During School

There are many things to remember while you’re at school. The first is don’t put anything in your mouth that isn’t food. Most breakage occurs while mindlessly chewing on a pen top or using your teeth to try to open something. These are habits with or without braces, but it is especially important for braces wearers to remember to keep these things out of their mouths.

Next is to keep a close eye on your retainer. We give you a brightly colored case for your retainer so please remember to use that case! The case not only protects your retainer, it is brightly colored to help you keep track of it and, mostly importantly, avoid accidentally throwing it away. Parents, it may be worth it to consider offering your child an incentive of some kind as a reward for keeping track of their retainer. Anything to avoid losing it in the trash will be worth it.

Keep your braces kit handy and be sure to brush your teeth after eating. The items in this kit are essential to keeping your teeth healthy while the braces do their work. You don’t want to have any preventable issues such as tooth decay interfere with your progress.

After School

Before you leave school for the day, double check that you have your retainer and that you haven’t misplaced it. If you play sports, wear a mouthguard — no excuses. Accidents do happen on the field and sometimes you may experience an emergency with broken braces or even a broken tooth. But many of these kinds of accidents are avoidable when using a mouthguard. Do your smile a favor and don’t hit the field or the court without it.

Before you know it these new routines will feel like second nature. Make a decision now to stay committed to good oral hygiene. Be mindful to protect your teeth and mouth from anything that shouldn’t be in your mouth in the first place. Before you know it your braces will come off and you will feel proud of the beautiful smile you helped create by taking good care of your teeth.