Adult Orthodontist Services in Memphis

Adult Orthodontist Services in Memphis

It’s Not Too Late for the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

If you’re an adult considering braces, you’re in good company. It’s becoming increasingly common for adults to seek braces. In fact, one-in-three orthodontic patients is over the age of 18, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. Social media use, a desire for a more professional appearance, dental problems associated with aging, and greater access to information on orthodontics all contribute to the rise in adult orthodontic patients.

Why Do Adults Get Braces?

Orthodontic treatment improves bad bites or malocclusions. Malocclusions occur as a result of tooth or jaw misalignment. Your bite affects how you chew, how you smile, and how you clean your teeth. Braces reposition your teeth to improve your oral health and your smile.

Adults may be interested in braces for a variety of reasons. At Piper Orthodontics the primary reasons that adults get braces include the following:

  • Cosmetics
  • Accessibility
  • Dental pain or problems

1. Cosmetic concerns. Concern about the appearance of one’s smile is the most common reason that adults get braces. Predictably, we have noticed a spike in adult orthodontics correlating with the widespread use of camera phones. With images reaching a bigger audience than ever, we expect to see more adults in our chairs seeking a picture-perfect smile.The desire to present a professional appearance or have a competitive edge in the job market can also lead someone to consider orthodontics.

2. Greater accessibility. Orthodontic options that once seemed beyond reach for adults are now available to the masses. With 24/7 access to information online, adults can educate themselves and even watch videos of other adults getting braces. (If you’re considering a “quick-fix” orthodontic device you’ve seen advertised online, remember that you need a specialist to examine and diagnose your bite before investing time and money in a solution that may not give you the desired results. It is also critical to be under the doctor’s care to ensure that the braces are doing their job.)

3. Dental Problems with Aging. Malocclusions present from childhood often grow worse over time and can become uncomfortable or painful. Lifelong crooked teeth become more crowded and difficult to floss, which makes gums vulnerable to periodontal disease with aging. Spaces between the teeth may widen with age, and a poor bite can lead to compromised gum tissue. These are all issues that can be addressed with orthodontics.

What to Expect During Orthodontic Treatment

There are multiple options for achieving straight teeth, including braces for adults as well as aligners, for patients with minor malocclusions.

Dr. Piper and his team can help you determine the right type of braces to get you the results of your dreams.

During your initial consultation Dr. Piper will listen to your concerns and discuss orthodontic treatment for adults that can fix your bite and transform your smile.

Once you agree to a treatment plan you will schedule your first appointment where we will x-ray, photograph and make plaster molds of your teeth. Also at this appointment, we will put spacers between your back molars to make room for braces at your next appointment.

At your next appointment, we will apply the tooth-colored ceramic or metal brackets to your teeth using a special glue. Metal bands will be put around the back of your teeth to anchor your braces. An archwire will be attached to the brackets using ligature wires or tiny rubber bands.

You will then have regular appointments at which Dr. Piper will make adjustments, guiding your teeth into proper alignment a little at a time. Once your treatment is complete you will likely wear a retainer to maintain the position of your teeth for a lifetime.

Orthodontic treatment time varies depending on whether you have bite, crowding and/or spacing problems. However many adults will have braces for 24-30 months. The length of your treatment will also be determined by your cooperation with your treatment plan. We will assist you by showing you how to take care of your braces. Our Frequently Asked Questions page goes into much greater detail about the process and orthodontic terminology.

Flexible Payment Options and Appointment Times

We try to make braces affordable and accessible for all of our patients. All patients will receive an estimate in writing before any orthodontic work is started. On average, for a two-year treatment plan, braces cost between $6,000-$8,000 depending on the length of treatment and issues present.

We offer various payment methods and plans and will apply any insurance benefits.

With prompt appointment times and nearby parking at both offices, Midtown and East Memphis, it’s easy to see Dr. Piper and continue with your schedule.

Adult Orthodontist Services in Memphis

At Piper Orthodontics our goal is always to be the best orthodontist in Memphis, partnering with you and your family to create a smile you love. Because braces involve moving teeth and moving teeth and aligning your jaw, it’s critical to have the process supervised by a local orthodontist. Dr. Piper has more than 35 years of experience with both adult and pediatric patients.

If you’ve feared you’re too old for braces, don’t waste another day. It’s time to get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Give us a call at 901-756-4436 or contact us to schedule a free consultation today where we can discuss your concerns, goals, and treatment options.


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