Meet the Escobars

When Eva was considering orthodontic treatment for her son, Alex, she decided the timing was right to correct her own smile as well.

With Eva working in Midtown and Alex in high school in East Memphis, Dr. Piper’s two locations were ideal for the Escobar family.

“Alex and I can be seen in either office, depending on whose school we are closer to,” Eva said. “Dr. Piper always sees us on time, and we are never there more than 15 or 20 minutes.”

Eva’s overcrowding got more noticeable as she got older, Dr. Piper explained, but with extraction therapy, she will be in braces for two years or less: “Because we didn’t have adolescent growth to help us,” he said, “extraction therapy made sense so that I could move the existing teeth into ideal position.”

Because Alex was 13 when he started orthodontic treatment, Dr. Piper was able to use braces to guide the growth of his jaw into the right relationship.

Alex is excited that his deband is just two weeks away. He will join his brother Moises, 21, as an “alumni” of Piper Orthodontics.