Meet the Gardners

Brothers and sisters share a lot of things, often even the same orthodontic condition. Miriam and Frazier Gardner of Midtown, the children of Margaret and Hall Gardner, are both “Phase I” patients in Dr. Piper’s practice.

“I can get a better orthodontic result when I can use the child’s growth to help me fix the problem,” Dr. Piper explained.

Miriam, a busy middle school student, values the timeliness of the after school appointment so she can get on to other activities. “Dr. Piper is always so sweet and so helpful, and it’s always so clean at the office,” Miriam said. Frazier likes Dr. Piper because “he’s always available to make repairs.”
The Gardners live in Midtown but attend schools out east.

They love the option of going east or west (Timber Creek or Union Extended) depending on their schedule.

With multiple chairs in each location, it’s easy to book both children for the same appointment time, thus saving everybody a trip. “We trust Dr. Piper’s experience,” Margaret said. “And with both children in braces, my husband really appreciates the different payment options.”