Meet the Mathes Family

Adolescence marks an exciting time in your child’s development, and braces may be part of those middle school years. Even though smocked dresses and pre-school pageants are well behind you, it may surprise you that by third or fourth grade, it’s time for your orthodontist to guide your child’s jaw and teeth into their permanent, adult relationship.

At Dr. Piper’s practice, we view orthodontic treatment as a partnership between the doctor, the child and the parents.

The Rev. Hester Mathes, Curate at the Church of the Holy Communion, has two children in treatment, Neeley and Zander. “Getting braces is often a significant rite of passage, and picking the right person to shepherd our children through this stage was very important. Our family already knew and loved Dr. Piper from attending Calvary Episcopal Church together, so the decision was easy for us!”

Siblings often share similar growth patterns, Dr. Piper notes, thus Neeley and Zander were candidates for early treatment. “Both are good examples of how using the child’s growth can make a more beautiful result,” he said.

As parents and professionals, Hester and her husband Andy especially value the friendly atmosphere and the ease of getting appointments for both children at the same time at Piper Orthodontics. Neeley and Zander were immediately drawn to the fun “guess the number of items in the jar” game at the front desk, and look forward to guessing it at every visit.